CALL TO ACTION: SENATE MEASURE SB 2148 Appropriations Committee review on Monday. TODAY: EMAIL YOUR SENATORS tell them to advance SB 2148

CALL TO ACTIONEthics just got a major hit. The House committee threw out amendments by Klemin that made a horrific bill tolerable, then sent it out “do pass”.  The House bill is bad.  Only Boschee voted against passing.

The good bill – the Senate bill — version SB 2148 (Mathern) – is still pretty good! “Do Pass” out of committee.  Appropriations review is this Monday. Please encourage Senators to advance this bill.

The bad bill – the House bill —version HB 1521, alternatively, is wildly unconstitutional. Anyone who believes in Constitutional law, or thinks legislators should listen to the people, or thinks ego-driven lawsuits are a waste of taxpayer money should be outraged by their behavior, no matter what they think of Article XIV.

WE NEED YOU NOW NORTH DAKOTA! Contact Senators to PASS SB 2148.


Information to find and contact your legislative district’s senators is here.



44526535_1836444806410514_2229747952643997696_nMEASURE #1’S PROPONENTS ARE:  North Dakotans for Public Integrity ON FACEBOOK

The NPL endorsed Measure #1

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