Wednesday,  Feb 6th at 2pm – 3:30pm in the Pioneer Room.  Can we get even more PRO SB 2148 folks to this meeting #2?  It will give new meaning to “the people have spoken!” And they meant it.  The NPL endorsed this effort as a ballot initiative Measure #1 in November and now as proposed legislation in SB 2148.

HB 1521, the competing (but not genuinely) GOP-politicians advanced bill,  does not conform to the will of the people in North Dakota who voted to approve Measure #1.  It represents… “something else.”

The special Ethics Committee spent most of its time on January 30th in meeting #1 becoming familiar with SB 2148.  At this meeting, meeting #2, they will discuss further and perhaps hear testimony.

We need folks at the meeting in force. Wednesday,  Feb 6th at 2 PM – 3:30 PM
Pioneer Room at the STATE CAPITOL.

If you cannot make it to meeting #2 please consider taking 5 minutes to write a short email in support of SB 2148 to each of the Senate Ethics Committee members as well to your own legislative district representatives.

Find My Own REPUBLICAN Legislators Here.

Find the REPUBLICAN Senate Ethics Committee Members Here.

Senator David Hogue: office:  701-852-0381 
Senator Jessica Unruh:  Cellphone: 701-891-9708

Senator Howard C. Anderson, Jr.:  Home 701-448-2235  Office: 701-861-9749  Cellphone: 701-861-9749  Fax: 701-328-9536 
Senator Dick Dever:  Home: 701-222-2604  Cellphone: 701-391-6330

Other related recent reading:


  Ethics provisions just make sense.

Wednesday,  Feb 6th at 2pm – 3:30pm
Pioneer Room at the STATE CAPITOL.

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