TODAY! SB 2148 & HB 1521—to create an Ethics Commission

SB 2148 & HB 1521| Senate Ethics CommitteeBrynhild Haugland Room | 1/30/19 , Wednesday | 2:00pm

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The Nonpartisan League endorsed the North Dakotans for Public Integrity’s successful Measure One in the 2018 November election and it today stands in support of voters and with Sen Tim Mathern’s efforts to create an ethics commission in SB 2148.

Also, HB 1521 addressing the matter by Representative Chet Pollert,

Majority Senator Wardner, Republicans


If you cannot attend the committee hearing Wednesday afternoon, to hand in testimony or offer verbal testimony… please consider email today or early tomorrow morning to each of the committee members of the Senate Ethics Committee (link here and open the legislator’s photo to get email.)




“…This initiated measure would add a new article to the North Dakota Constitution establishing a North Dakota ethics commission. The commission, using funds provided by the legislature, would be responsible for adopting rules related to corruption, elections, and lobbying and for reporting and investigating alleged violations of those rules and related state laws. The measure would provide for prohibitions for lobbyists related to gift giving and delivery of campaign contributions and prohibitions for public officials against lobbying, use of campaign contributions, and conflicts of interest in certain proceedings.

The measure would direct the legislative nd-measure-1_0

assembly to enact laws that require electronically accessible public disclosure of the source of funds spent (in any medium and in an amount greater than two hundred

dollars) to influence statewide and legislative elections and statewide ballot measures or to lobby or otherwise influence state government action. In a conflict between this article and any other provision in the North Dakota Constitution, the provisions of this article would control…”

SB 2148 is A BILL for an Act that creates a new chapter of the North Dakota Century Code, relating to:

1.)  restrictions on public officials and lobbyists,
2.)  investigations of ethics violations,
3.)  implementing requirements of the Constitution of North Dakota;
4.)  to amend and reenact code relating to rulemaking procedures and requirements for the North Dakota Ethics Commission;
5.)  to provide for a legislative management study;
6.) to provide a penalty; and
7.)  to provide an appropriation.

Post-November election success, on 01/08/2019 initial legislative language was introduced, first reading, referred Senate Select Committee on Ethics Committee here:  SJ154.

Read the full text of SB 2148:

Read the full text of HB 1521:

Click to access 19-1078-01000.pdf

Track SB 2148 here:

Track HB 1521 here:


SB 2148 & HB 1521 |  Senate Ethics  |  Brynhild Haugland Room | 1/30/19 , Wednesday | 2:00pm
ground floor

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