wsi and marvinWe’re trying to improve WSI.

Nonpartisan Leaguer Representative Marvin Nelson’s, HB 1456 is scheduled to be heard

Tuesday, Jan. 29 at 8:00 a.m. in the House IBL committee, Peace Garden Room.

ground floor

The bill proposes to do several things.

It covers mental-mental injuries like PTSD.

Provides that volunteer first responders are covered at least to the level of the average state wage.

Closes the loophole where a worker can be denied coverage by WSI and denied coverage by his insurance.

Removes the pin language from 2013.

Changes what is considered pre-existing.

Changes definition of fraud where paid work is required.

Makes the treating physicians’ opinion the presumption with rebuttable by clear and convincing evidence.

Changes others levels of proof to preponderance of the evidence.21369667_1914928118757368_1682047257211931685_n

Changes that the injured worker’s attorneys are paid the same rate WSI pays its attorneys.

If you cannot attend the committee hearing but want something entered into the record, Marvin can certainly do that if you can email him your testimony.  Or better yet, send your testimony directly to the committee members here:

House Industry, Business and Labor Committee

The text of HB 1456 is at:

And the fiscal note which gives the WSI perspective on much of this and really lays out each thing in the bill better than this email does is at:

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