HB 1507: to Fight Sex Traffic in North Dakota

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Nonpartisan Leaguer RepresentativeRuth Buffalo for North Dakota has sponsored a bill to establish an educational training program with a focus on the accurate and prompt identification and reporting of, or response to, suspected human trafficking. ND has high rates of human trafficking and its time to bring this issue front and center.

January 29th, 3:00pmtrafficing hand
Prairie Room

Representatives: Buffalo, Heinert, C. Johnson, Jones, Magrum, Satrom, Schneider

Hogan, Kannianen, Luick, Marcellais, Myrdal


Read the full text of the bill here:


House Judiciary Committee Members
and their emails to send them a note in support
are here:

January 29th, 3:00pm
Prairie Room

second floor capitol

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2019-01-28_122958Attorney General’s
Human Trafficking Commission
North Dakota Office of Attorney General  IN THE STATE OF NORTH DAKOTA Human Trafficking 2017 REPORT

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The Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission was established in 2015. It is charged with collecting and evaluating data on human trafficking activities in the state and promoting public awareness and training efforts.



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