North Dakota Nonpartisan League (NPL) elected an interim Executive Committee

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North Dakota Nonpartisan League


August 21, 2017

On August 19, 2017, at its meeting in Dickinson, North Dakota, members of the North Dakota Nonpartisan League (NPL) elected an interim Executive Committee, and formally adopted and signed a letter, requesting that the Honorable Lloyd Omdahl, former Lieutenant Governor of North Dakota, transfer the name of the NPL to the interim Executive Committee. Retired Lieutenant Governor Omdahl has served as Secretary of the NPL since 1968.

The NPL, a proud and unique North Dakota institution, was formed in 1915, and channeled the fierce and rugged prairie populism of North Dakota into concrete action that actively worked to protect and fight for the interests of farmers, laborers, and rural communities.

Historic achievements by the Nonpartisan League include securing women in North Dakota the right to vote in presidential elections–before the passage of the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution, enacting a state hail insurance program, increasing funding to rural schools, creation of the extremely profitable state owned North Dakota Mill and Elevator, and the State Bank of North Dakota–which to this day remains the only state-owned bank in the United States.

The state bank of North Dakota, like other of the NPL’s historic contributions, have continued to transcend partisan politics, and in recent years the Bank of North Dakota has helped our state to balance its budget and to weather–much to the envy of other states–the Great Recession.

The NPL intends to elect a regular Executive Committee at its next formal nominating convention.

Contact: Mark Haugen, Interim Chair-NPL
North Dakota (701) 527-5997–

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